How To Make The Most of Your Montessori School Virtual Tour

Despite vaccination rollouts underway, new Coronavirus variants are making it increasingly difficult for schools and businesses to reopen. The same applies to Montessori schools. Given the dangers the virus continues to pose, Montessori schools find it increasingly difficult to encourage parents to visit their campus, check their facilities, and determine if the school is a good fit for their child. After all, simply talking about your school can only take you so far. Parents need to witness firsthand what you have to offer to make the final decision. Arranging a Montessori school virtual tour offers a great solution to this problem.

These virtual tours allow Montessori schools to provide parents with an exclusive look inside their facilities from the safety of their homes. It lets them reach out to more families early on and makes the conversion process much easier. According to Digital in the Round, offering a virtual tour for your products and services can increase conversions by 16% to 67%!

Of course, offering an effective virtual tour with real value to your audience can be a bit of a challenge. If your tour isn’t engaging enough, parents opt-out and check out other school websites.

Let’s review some of the key things that can help you make the most of a virtual tour.

montessori admissions director giving aa virtual tour of school

1. Balance Between a Live and Pre-recorded Events

If you are going for a Montessori school virtual tour, you need to ask if you want to go live or use pre-recorded content. Both approaches have their advantages. You have more control over pre-recorded events, and if something goes wrong, you can edit it out.

However, live events appear more authentic. Moreover, parents can ask any questions they have, and you can answer them in real-time. The communication that takes place here can help you win over their trust. Conversely, it is not easy to end live events within the given timeframe. Moreover, parents who join late may end up missing out on some of what was already discussed.

We recommend using a little bit of pre-recorded content to provide a tour of the campus. You can also show a small welcome video before moving to the live event. Moreover, you should make sure the virtual tour is available to view later. This way, parents who joined towards the end can still catch up.

2. Make It Easy to Understand

Virtual tours are a relatively new concept, and you must make sure that parents find the content easy to understand to ensure it’s a success. We recommend keeping things simple so they are easy to follow. Consider making a plan of what you intend to show first and last. You can also prioritize things based on what parents want to see. Instead of doing a tour of the entire school, you can show important bits such as classrooms, playgrounds, arts and crafts rooms, lunchrooms, washrooms, etc.

You can then ask parents if they want to see something specific and then give them a tour of the place.

3. Be Authentic and Keep Parents Engaged

The thing about a Montessori school virtual tour is that it can quickly get boring. If this happens, parents are likely to stop paying attention. In some cases, they may even stop watching altogether.

To prevent this from happening, you need to come across as authentic and figure out ways to keep parents engaged. Instead of using many big words that are meant to impress parents and how great your school is, we suggest that you use a friendly and professional tone.

It would also help if you invited parents to participate by asking them questions and answering any queries. Building a two-way communication channel can help keep parents engaged. You can address their concerns in real-time.

Moreover, make sure that any content that focuses on your Montessori school’s benefits is provided by parents, students, and teachers. This approach can help make your content more authentic and allow parents to see firsthand what other parents and children think about your school.

4. Keep Your Montessori School Virtual Tour Short

You don’t want your virtual tour to run on for more than an hour. Most parents have an incredibly busy schedule, so even if they want to watch the full thing, they might not be able to.

Moreover, most people have a very short attention span. Hosting an exceptionally long Montessori school virtual tour will likely translate into poor retention of information. Even if parents stick around till the end, there’s a good chance they won’t remember everything.

Being short and efficient is the way to go here. You want to start by organizing all the information you provide smartly and keep it brief but useful. You can always modify your content later based on the responses you receive.

5. Customize the Experience

If you arrange a virtual tour for Montessori schools, you can also try tailoring the tour to suit different parents. For instance, you can offer a pre-recorded tour of the basic facilities and then ask parents to choose between different chat rooms where they can talk to faculty members, students, and administrators.

Customizing their experience in this manner can allow parents to feel more in control. They can also get the information they want, leading to a more satisfying tour.

Key Takeaways for Arranging a Montessori School Virtual Tour

Organizing a Montessori school virtual tour can be a challenge. You don’t want parents to feel confused by the content being shown. You also want to keep it short and effective to ensure everyone is on the same page.

It is also important to keep parents engaged throughout the tour. You can do this by asking them questions and mixing fun facts about your school that add some humor. Besides this, we suggest you focus on being authentic. One way to do this is by asking teachers, students, and other faculty members to join the tour and share their experiences.

You should also balance the pre-recorded content with the live tour to offer the best of both worlds. If you need help preparing content for a virtual tour for your Montessori school, contact us today. Our team can help you prepare a fun and engaging tour for your prospective parents.

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