5 Tips on How to Run Facebook Ads Effectively

With nearly 2.80 billion daily active users, anyone with products/services should make the most of the advertising opportunities offered by this social media behemoth. This guide will help you improve your online marketing with 5 tips on how to run Facebook ads.

1.  Use Page Post Engagement Ads to Expand Your Reach

Do you get plenty of likes on your page but struggle with post engagement? That’s because algorithms limit the exposure of your organic posts. For example, even if you have 500 likes on your page, it’s only 40 of them will see your post on their news feed. However, with engagement ads, you can break those shackles.

To configure engagement ads, just select the marketing objective as “Engagement”. This includes event responses, likes, comments, shares, etc. Engagement ads connect you with people who already like, comment, and interact with you.

2.  How to Run Facebook Ads With Unique Audiences

One of Facebook’s most prominent and unique features is to create unique audiences. Facebook allows you to create in-depth and specific audiences, enabling you to create a powerful campaign. This way, you can serve a different ad to a different group in your target audience. After all, if 500 people like your page, they are unlikely to be interested for the same reasons.

Take the example of a Montessori School. It might have 300 followers interested in Elementary, 100 in Adolescents, and the rest in other types of programs. If you have to run an effective Facebook ad campaign for them, you can’t show everyone the same ad.

Instead, you need to utilize unique audiences and tailor ads to their interests. With unique interests, you can deliver two different ads to segmented groups i.e., show the Elementary and Adolescents ads to their respective user groups.

3.  Leverage Your CRM Data

Facebook advertising is not only used to attract new customers to your store. Past buyers and recent leads in your CRM are more likely to resonate with your brand’s messaging than a stranger.

For instance, if you are trying to find more parents with 12-15 year olds for the Adolescent program at your Montessori School, look into integrating a custom audience of previous Upper Elementary graduates into your targeting.

4.  Utilize Video Ads

Facebook gives a great deal of importance to video ads. That means that if you don’t leverage video newsfeeds, you are practically leaving money on the table.

Although we talked about Facebook’s declining organic reach earlier, videos are different – they have a special place. Therefore, by adopting video, you can run Facebook ads more effectively, reach more people, and get higher engagement rates than any other form of content.

There is a reason why Facebook favors video: the number of users watching videos continues to rise. According to a study by Adespresso, Facebook users watch 3 billion hours of video daily.

Moreover, Facebook videos are also more budget-friendly. That is why Facebook encourages advertisers to embrace them.

However, before you use video ads, don’t follow the same strategy as you do with YouTube or Vimeo. Instead, follow these tips to on how to run Facebook ads using videos.

  • Make sure you grab the attention of viewers in the first 3-4 seconds, because newsfeed is crowded and your users can easily become impatient.
  • Focus on impressing users without using sound. That’s because many users watch videos on silent mode.
  • Test different variations of your ad to determine the one that is liked the most.

5.  Take Advantage of Facebook Pixel

Install the Facebook Pixel on your site. It is no longer an option; it is a necessity. Once you complete installation, you can track the actions people take on your website and leverage it to retarget your website visitors.

Although many advertisers have embraced Pixel, a significant chunk installed the base code. Yes, it does provide a good start and offers useful data, but to accurately evaluate key KPIs, such as cost per lead and cost per purchase, you need to add event code.

Add event code to thank you pages after your user takes the desired action. If a user asks something about your site, then the thank you page will record the lead details in your Facebook ad account. Now, you can immediately work out the cost per lead and view which targeting options or campaigns are delivering better results.

Final Thoughts on How to Run Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is a terrific opportunity for your organization to reach leads interested in your products or services. You will develop a more powerful advertising campaign by refining your ad strategy and growing your business.

If you are looking to create powerful ads with all the latest best practices, talk to us today. Schedule a call to find how UX Studio uses Facebook advertising to grow prospects, leads, and customers.

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