Natural Dharma Fellowship




The Process

1. Reorganize and create flowchart

Tasked with combined two large sites, we took inventory of every page, type of content, and resource before creating a new, streamlined flowchart based on several discovery calls with stakeholders.

2. Information architecture

Since there was a lot of deprecated content, redundant information, and new developments, we helped the organization navigate the process of revamping their content with spreadsheets.

3. Wireframes

To help stakeholders visualize how we plan on redesigning their website, we provided low-fidelity wireframes for review and feedback. This proved to be vital in getting constructive feedback from all department heads.

4. Branding

New look. New brand. With a completely new and modern website around the corner, the organization realized it was the perfect time to update their brand. UX Studio helped Natural Dharma polish their look with a professional logo and style guide.

5. Web Design

It took only two iterations before we found the right look, which includes photography from their stunning location. The style guide we created during the rebranding process served us well in tying everything together.

6. Web Development

Working diligently, our team of dedicated professionals created a website that includes:

  • Visual page editor for easy, code-free updates
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Calendar system that is fully integrated with Retreat Booking Guru
  • Resource management system to manage users and access to resources
  • Teacher profile management system
  • Donation form by LittleGreenLight

7. Quality Assurance and Launch

We test all our work under Chrome, Safari, and Edge using 5 different desktop and mobile devices. Once the test has concluded and the website is approved by all stakeholders, we help by providing guidance and support before, during, and after the launch.

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