5 Tips on How to Run Facebook Ads Effectively

With nearly 2.80 billion daily active users, anyone with products/services should make the most of the advertising opportunities offered by this social media behemoth. This guide will help you improve your online marketing with 5 tips on how to run Facebook ads. 1.  Use Page Post Engagement Ads to Expand

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Why You Need a WordPress Support and Maintenance Plan

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world, running more than 33% of all websites. Whether you run an online shop, a Montessori School, or a personal blog, WordPress can cater to anyone. However, many businesses that use WordPress on their website often make the same

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Why Having a Mobile-Friendly Website Is a Must

Take out your phone, open the browser, and visit your school website. Is it mobile-friendly? Do you have trouble navigating or doing important actions like downloading a schedule, inquiring about admissions, or making a donation? Think of yourself as a parent and review the following: How does the site look

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14 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your School’s Website

Nowadays, every school has its own website. But simply designing and deploying a website is not going to boost your enrollment numbers. Your site is more than just a glorified digital flyer for your school. View your website as an extension of your admission department – something you can use

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First Impressions: Importance of Having a Good Website

Users form an opinion on a website in less than a second! According to a study that tracked eye movements of Internet users, it takes 2.6 seconds for them to notice the most prominent part of a website, the brand logo. Some of the factors that played a part in

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Ditch the RFP Process and Dig Deeper

How do you hire a vendor to meet growing business needs? Usually, when a company has a particular requirement or needs a service from another business, they submit a request for proposal (RFP). This is a business document that announces and provides details of a project and solicits bids from

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Grow admissions organically with a strong website

Get a detailed report with actionable steps you can take to improve your online presence, raise awareness, and attract more families without spending a fortune on paid ads.