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How to Build an Email List for Your Montessori School

Email marketing has been a core part of successful digital marketing strategies for decades. It is one of the first digital marketing avenues since the age of the internet began and having an email list for your Montessori school continues to be a powerful marketing strategy. We live in a

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How Can You Optimize A Parent’s Enrollment Lifecycle?

A parent’s enrollment journey can be filled with a number of challenges as they try their best to enroll their child in the right Montessori school. Schools that help a parent overcome the usual challenges to improve and optimize their experience come out on top here. Understanding the parent enrollment

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How To Make The Most of Your Montessori School Virtual Tour

Despite vaccination rollouts underway, new Coronavirus variants are making it increasingly difficult for schools and businesses to reopen. The same applies to Montessori schools. Given the dangers the virus continues to pose, Montessori schools find it increasingly difficult to encourage parents to visit their campus, check their facilities, and determine

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Why Your Montessori School Needs Parent Personas for Marketing

Understanding your target demographic is always essential for your marketing efforts. If your message is too broad or geared towards the wrong audience, your school’s enrollment would suffer. Parent personas serve as an effective remedy to this. Building a parent persona can help you understand the people you are targeting

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How Important Are Meta Descriptions For SEO?

If you read our post on Montessori Search Engine Optimization, you probably already know about using meta descriptions for SEO. Meta descriptions are 155-character snippets in HTML that you can use to summarize the content of a web page. Search engines tend to display these descriptions in search results to

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Improve Email Open Rates for Your Montessori School

Email marketing is easily one of the best ways to drive personalized engagement with parents and market the features of your Montessori school. That said, one of the most common questions we get from Montessori schools is, “How can we improve email open rates?” A low email open rate for

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6 Benefits of Blogging for Marketing Your Montessori School

Thanks to changes in technology and shifting parent demands, it has become increasingly important for Montessori schools to opt for digital marketing. Building a user-friendly website and ensuring a strong online presence can help Montessori schools engage with more parents and improve their enrollment rate. There are various options at

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5 Marketing Strategies to Increase Montessori Enrollment

Are you considering the use of digital marketing for your Montessori school? Digital marketing overcomes the limitations of traditional marketing to offer you more reach in a cost-effective manner. It can help you establish a strong online presence and engage with new parents to improve the enrollment rate for your

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Montessori Landing Page Secrets for Effective Marketing

Digital marketing that leads to a strong Montessori landing page is the cornerstone of running a successful Montessori school today. Gone are the days where you could rely solely on pamphlets, brochures, and other types of print marketing to attract prospective parents. Today, you can also use social media marketing,

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5 Tips on How to Run Facebook Ads Effectively

With nearly 2.80 billion daily active users, anyone with products/services should make the most of the advertising opportunities offered by this social media behemoth. This guide will help you improve your online marketing with 5 tips on how to run Facebook ads. 1.  Use Page Post Engagement Ads to Expand

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